Individual Guidance to draw out the Potential of Your Life and Destiny with God

Can you immediately identify the purpose for which you were born?  If you are like most people, that’s difficult to discern because of the challenges of your life history and the pressures of society. Do you enjoy the journey of your current life-path? Do you feel alive in your destiny and life purpose? If not, we can help!

Most all individuals hope to discover and prosper in their vision and purpose for life, but the path to success can be quite demanding. For many, the biggest hurdles come from within. Recognizing and overcoming hidden limiting-beliefs is an essential part of the process for reaching one’s full potential.

Our unique approach
to life-coaching provides one-on-one guidance that is encouraging and empowering. The coach works with the participant to create a customized growth plan that effectively deals with the internal limiting-beliefs, as well as identifying the unique design, vision and purpose of the individual, resulting in a breakthrough that illuminates the path towards greater success and fulfillment in the client’s life, relationships, finances and career.

Outcomes: The coaching process helps participants:

  • Enhance self-awareness and raise confidence levels
  • Discover and prosper in your vision and life purpose
  • Discover and grow in your personal identity both naturally and spiritually
  • Identify and remove self-limiting behavioral patterns and tendencies
  • Learn to process change efficiently and beneficially
  • Discover all the ways that God is involved in your life and destiny
  • Establish a prosperous life-path in alignment with your unique design, gift mix, hopes and dreams


If you have an innate desire to help people excel in life, then enrolling in our Life Coach training program is for you!


The track towards being certified as a Life-Coach, Leadership-Coach and Team-Coach through Destiny Unlimited International is established in a format that allows you to grow at your own personal pace.

Some are ready to give this training weekly attention because their heart is alive with passion about helping others. Others are glad for the training and desire to help others, but need a much slower pace in which they can advance. The following information is for your consideration as you explore the potential of a new career in Life-Coaching.


Coaching is a professional relationship with a client who is seeking help to identify, set, and meet goals that frees them from personal constraints that frustrate their lives and frees them to set a positive path forward for their life. This ongoing relationship provides opportunities for clients to expand their view of self, life, relationships, God and their future. The net effect of this relationship is a greater awareness of how to maximize the combination of the individual’s gift mix, personality, and life experiences so that their future will be personally fulfilling while living a purposeful life that is positively impact society.

Life Coaching Sessions are designed to start discussions around presenting needs and desires described by the client. The coach participates as an active listener that helps brings clarity to the perceived needs and goals of the client through asking questions, completing coaching assessments, and helping them discern and set supporting action steps. The coach takes a careful look at where the client has been, what they are currently experiencing and what they would like to experience in the future. The coach’s ultimate goal is see their client take action that creates momentum in reaching their goals fulfilling their dreams. Hence, the coach helps the client set realistic goals on timelines supportive of the future they envision. 




As a leader of a business or other organization, don't you want to leave a positive mark on the earth? 


In September 1997 Rob Stoppard was in a class to learn pastoral counseling and caught vision of his innate ability to help people to be free of personal constraints which lead to launching Breath of Life Ministries in Clay, PA in October 1998. In 2002 he began a new phase of his professional development by studying leadership through John Maxwell and then life and leadership coaching through Klemmer and Associates in Petaluma, CA. Since then, he has been an avid researcher and student of personal, spiritual, leadership and team growth.

Over the last several years Rob has found success in helping small business owners take an honest assessment of the health and future of their businesses, which resulted in the launching of Legacy Small Business Consulting.



  • Establish a plan for personal and leadership growth for team members
  • Heal areas of fractured trust amongst team members
  • Vocational job fit assessment


  • Identify and clarify vision
  • Identify and implement common values
  • Prepare leaders and their families for Succession Planning


  • Create a culture of open, honest and honorable communication
  • Review and clarify roles
  • Implement a conflict resolution strategy


  • Financial planning
  • Legal documentation
  • Business Valuations
  • Insurance
  • Marketing plan